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Tipps for your expedition to Florence

Florence in the summer is loud, crowded, hot (37° C) and very beautiful.
The city is a museum in its own, almost every house can be found in the travel guide and when you don't pass a church for 5 minutes you're outside the city walls.
Taking photographs is a very demanding job: the palazzi and churches are so enormously big that they don't fit in a single frame. This can be very frustrating except if you possess professional equipment. Sometimes buying a postcard is a good alternative.
An absolute must: the Capelle Medicee (entrance behind the church San Lorenzo). From the outside its not very spectacular but you're overwhelmed by the size and the splendour once you enter the cupola.
Newlywed couples should pay a visit to the Basilika Santissima Annunziata not only because it's a beautiful baroque church. When you take flowers to the Madonna you increase your chances for a long and happy married live. It's said that even the Florentines do it.
Restaurant recommendation: Pane e Olio, Via Faentina, 2r, Tel. 47 01 01. For 55.000 Lire (app. 28 €) per person we had a 7-course menue including two bottles of white wine, water, cafe and grappa. The specialty: you sit directly at the Mugnone and there is only one set meal ... all guests get the same. There are no written menues.
Cafè recommendation: Il Caffè Piazza Pitti, Piazza Pitti, 9, open 9:30 - 2 p.m. A cute cafè with cosy furniture (sofas!) and very nice waiters. There's supposed to be live music.
Hotel recommendation: Villa La Vedetta; Viale Michelangiolo,78. Incredible town house, located in the center of town and really beautiful considering the pictures online. If you look it up at Venere.com one night without breakfast is at astronomical 699 Euros. Tijana sent me the tip to book at DER Tour. There you'll get a double room with breakfast starting at 139 Euros. I think its worth a try if you're looking for something exquisite. Thanks for the tipp! Confirmations are always welcome! [May 2007]

Websites for a Florence expedition in the web

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Virtual Uffizi - Complete catalogue of the artworks which are shown in the Uffizi Museum.
Thais.it - Overview on all famous buildings and museums of Florence with further information.
Segway Firenze - Join a tour through Florence without walking ... and get everyone's attention.
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